Spring Mountains

I haven’t had a chance to post in awhile.  I got married in May, so I was busy planning that with my husband.  We’re now off on a 6 month honeymoon

Here’s a postcard I sent off as part of the Keep Writing Postcards postcard project.  Hope is away in Italy, so we have to send postcards by writing a story or drawing something.  I am REALLY behind on these postcards.  I haven’t gotten any myself unfortunately.  This postcard asked us to draw or tell a story about how we’re enjoying our spring.  I drew the beautiful Alaskan scenery on the balcony of our room during the Alaskan cruise (which is part of Honeymoon #1). 


I can’t draw very well – as you can see!  My 5 year old niece draws better!

I hope to start making more mailart during our travels.

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