I received a mailart project from Tofu before I left for my honeymoon.  I sent Tofu a postcard for his First Postcard project.  I decided to take the Millennia Mail Art Project with me and finish it on the road.  Tofu has always been fascinated with illustrations of the Earth – so that’s what inspired this project.

Here’s the card I got:


I had to make my own layer.  I decided to make some Recycled Travel Art.  It’s what I call using things I receive or collect during traveling.  I used brochures, magazines, metal strip from a camera (to prevent theft), a playing card and an airline ticket. 

Here’s the finished layer:


I have given it to my friend Andy to create the 3rd layer and then pass it on.  Can’t wait to see the finished layers card!

There’s a Flickr group that shows other layers from the project.  It’s great to see the progression with all the different cards.  Tofu also has cards left.  If you want to participate, go here.

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