Banana Boat Pride Party

I’ve been trying to get back into mailart and just kept putting it off.  I set up the World Banana Day and International Banana Bread Day Mailart Exchange on IUOMA with 11 other banana lovers.  I made 11 pieces of banana mailart.  I had lots of fun doing it!

My first piece went out to Dean in Paris, France.  He set up the World Banana Day exchange last year.  He always sends fun mailart pieces.  I sent him the Banana Party mailart piece.

Banana Party mailart

The next mailart piece goes to Rebecca in Suffolk, England.  It’s a fun Banana Boat floating on the water.

Banana Boat mailart


The third mailart piece is a Banana Pride Flag going to Momkat in Greece.  Hope she has banana pride too!

Banana Pride Flag mailart

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