Monkeys Love Banana Line Art

Here’s more of the banana mailart for the World Banana Day and International Banana Bread Day Mail Art Exchange.

The fourth piece is going to Anna Banana who’s turning 74 years old on February 24th.  I made her a fun Banana Party birthday card. 



Hope she has a fun banana party on her birthday!

My next mailart piece is Monkeys Love Bananas going to Brazil to Celestial Escribe.  I drew Lil Dave the monkey for the price of one banana and colored it with colored pencils. 

Monkeys Love Bananas mailart

I also included a banana bread recipe for Celestial to bake his own banana bread!

The sixth mailart piece I created goes out to Mathom House in Italy. Banana Mailart Line Art was created with watercolor.

Banana Line Art mailart

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