Jen at the PyramidsI’ve lived in Las Vegas for most of my life. Last year, my boyfriend and I came back from traveling the world for 3 years with our monkey Lil Dave.  We’ve been to most of Europe, most of Southeast Asia, part of Australia, Mexico, Canada and Dubai.  Check out our last trip here.

I decided to be more creative this year with mailart and photography.  My friend Andy is into mailart so I decided to join the International Union of Mail-Artists (IUOMA) and start making some art.  Andy has a great website called my REAL wall where he posts his mailart and postcards on his wall.  I’m going to start my own art wall with people’s creations and postcards.  I’m also on Postcrossing – sending and receiving postcards from around the world.  Please contact me if you’d like to exchange mailart or a postcard.


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